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National Performers & Actors Association

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NPAA is an association for all performers and Actors, Musicians, Composers, Singers, Writers, Filmmakers, Theatre, and industry vendors  

NPAA Membership benefits all

NPAA protects and serves all its members. Benefits include: Contracts and negotiations, true wage reform and excellent working conditions  maintaining an actual minimum standard for its members being health, safety and security. NPAA is an organization, that protects not just its members, but their families and the greater communities.  

What is national performers and actors association?

Known as NPAA , the National Performers & Actors Association is a labor association for those actors, performers, writers, dancers, singers, crew, and stage performers who work in the entertainment profession. 

NPAA stands for the equal rights of all Performers of all ages. We bring proper wages, and pension opportunities with better realistic contracts to the table making it easier for persons to become members and be part of the entertainment industry. We do not sanction member for doing other works, in fact we encourage actor(artist) and performer development. We do not offer free work to our members and you are never charged for auditions or fined for working other projects. 

NPAA is the most child friendly, veteran friendly, senior friendly association in the world. Our non discriminatory ways keep real work in vision for all of our members no matter if your a beginner or seasoned makes no difference.   

NPAA offers the best health insurance, from more carriers. Safety in work environment is obviously set by the federal government meaning, we make sure these laws are strictly enforced among many departments of the industry. We keep initiation fees down as to make more affordable for all members even having payment plans. NPAA does not base your dues on what you make rather there is a low set amount(FLAT RATE) not to worry. 

To join NPAA you don't have to worry about not being allowed to work on just our signatory projects therefore hindering your job opportunities. 

We encourage our members to work all you can being non-union or union. You can join as a beginner or at any age as long as proper consent and rules are applied. We don't make our members use specific agents although we checkout agents for the safety of our members. Unlike other unions or associations whom claim to keep their members working although most are not working because they refuse to make or agree to negotiate in fair situations. Kids working build points towards a retirement like anyone else. We love to have our veterans working as well as anyone else.

Independent filmmakers whom are members now have resources to make their films more available to distribution and getting insured. We assist in procuring film permits for our members also. If you would like your film(s) to become NPAA signatory please click button below to see the signatory application.

Benefits from NPAA Partners

Casting Directors/Producers/Writers/Composers/Stage Workers/Set Strikers/Back Ground 

The following services are available to NPAA members and their families who want new or industry related careers The Motion Picture Legacy Agreement. All of these are non-profit organizations that offer free services to NPAA members even workshops to educate members. The unions that offer services to their members that are free to non members are misstating the services they are allowed to offer so please be aware since government services are free to anyone.

Free and or discounted legal services from some of the top attorneys in existence anywhere in the U.S and abroad.


LEGACY is a program created to develop member-only benefits. LEGACY services available to NPAA members through Association Privilege. NPAA can answer all your needs regarding the services by the individual associations. NPAA does endorse the products or services offered to our members if qualified.

Steps to Join

Anyone is eligible for NPAA membership under one of the following  conditions: (1) NPAA employment or (2) employment under an affiliated performers’ associations such as USFR, (3)You may also show proof of school record or (4) current visa, or (5) Work rights in the United States, or (6) a parent or legal guardian may sign for a child under 18. (7) or If your working on a signatory project of NPAA you Automatically qualify for membership. We welcome independent filmmakers to join therefor other unions or associations are forced not to discriminate against any of your works. Thats why NPAA will completely get the equal rights to all our members as they deserve.     


Free and or discounted legal services from some of the top attorneys in existence anywhere in the U.S and abroad.

We thank you for supporting fellow professionals and your interest in joining NPAA.